Flying suit

Fabric specifications:

poly75D*poly75D (silver ion)/142T*70T*63"

Breathable + water repellent


Silver ion:

Inorganic natural mineral elements with antibacterial effect. The silver atom loses more than one electron and exists in the state of ions.


The anti-bacterial action process of silver ion:

1. The positively charged silver ion reacts with the negatively charged sulfhydryl group in the bacterial protease, and the protease loses its activity rapidly due to the loss of the sulfhydryl group, which makes the bacteria unable to split and multiply and be killed.

2. Silver ions can also bind to the DNA of pathogen cells, and form a cross-link with each other after the combination, which leads to DNA denaturation of pathogens, inhibits their replication, and kills pathogens and viruses.

3. Silver ions can increase the calcium ion content of the wound surface, reduce the zinc ion content of the wound surface, promote the regeneration of epithelial tissue, and promote the regeneration of tissue function.